Radiators/ Sinks / Waste

If you find that you have a radiator that has been leaking then this needs to be fixed or replaced. It is an easy job that I have completed for many customers over the years. I can change any pipes underneath your sink if these have been leaking too. Over time, they can become loose which causing them to leak.

Blocked, leaking & Overflowing Toilets

These are problems that no one ever wants to experience, but when they do, it is horrible for all members of your family. Your toilet can get blocked by nappies, sanitary products and large amounts of toilet roll being flushed down the toilet. I have had to remove toys from many toilets in the past. It happens. So being without your toilet for even a few hours can be inconvenient.

If you own a restaurant, bar or even an office where the toilets are frequently being used, then this problem is more likely to happen. I can help.

Leaking toilets can be a big problem if the leak is not noticed straight away. Overtime it can ruin your flooring so this problem needs to be addressed as soon as the leak is detected.

Overflowing toilets can be stopped just by pressing down on the flapper valve. Not everyone knows how to do this, so it is always better to get a professional plumber to help, as they will need to rectify the problem once the water has stopped flowing. Please contact me if your toilet is overflowing.

Frozen Pipes

We all know how cold it gets in the winter months so it is possible for your pipes to become frozen. This could cause them to crack or even burst. If this was to happen, you can call me to come out and fix the pipes for you 24 hours a day.

Emergency Leak Repair
Leaking Radiators